Care for the Overwhelmed

Connected Ease

Offering a mind-body approach to psychotherapy for individuals struggling with overwhelm and disconnection.

Even when things are going well, life can be stressful. When you're struggling, day to day life can begin to feel unbearable. I support clients in creating a sense of ease and rest while tending to symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, and pain. If you find youself run down and struggling to feel replenished, let's work together to create a customized practice of care that supports you in building the life you desire.





Mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy for the overwhelmed, the curious, the creative, and the hurt.



Craniosacral Therapy

Psychotherapy integrated with Craniosacral to support the nervous system.



Child Therapy

Non Directive Play Therapy for children processing grief, loss, and overwhelm.




Weekly online video therapy for individual adults anywhere in California.




My Approach

Calm Overwhelm & Invite Ease


I am client centered, working collaboratively with you, customizing sessions to meet your unique therapeutic goals. In session I use a blend of psychodynamic, somatic, and mindfulness interventions to help clients deepen into their experience. In other words, you can expect a little bit of mind, a little bit of body, and lot of awareness in our work together.

My not-so-secret mission is to support people while they unlearn harmful societal messaging. By challenging paradigms that promote injustice, imbalance, criticism, and burnout, I aim help people reclaim their sense of worthiness, allowing them to feel deserving of rest and support.

Personal growth can be immensely rewarding. It’s not always easy but it doesn’t have to be harsh. I believe therapy is more effective when it’s enjoyable. When your mind and body feel safe it allows your truest self to emerge, and you deserve to be your most fully expressed you.

By looking outside ourselves for what is missing, we subject ourselves, our souls, to the pain of abandonment.
— A.H. Almaas

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