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Hurt, Feel, Heal

individualized healing


While I work with a wide range of issues, I specialize in helping individuals navigate overwhelm, self criticism, grief & trauma, relationships, and spiritual development.


Addressing Overwhelm

Do you have a difficult time winding down at the end of the day? Do you feel scattered, overwhelmed, anxious, buzzy, or frequently on edge? Do you feel burnt out and foggy?

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Quieting The Inner Critic

What is the tape like that plays in your head? Is spending time alone uncomfortable? Is it hard to celebrate your uniqueness? Do you compare yourself to others, or worry that people are judging you?

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Moving Through Grief & Trauma

Has your life been altered by something beyond your control? Have you been hurt by an event, a relationship, or a death? Are you lugging around guilt, shame, anger, anxiety and/or sadness?

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Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Do your relationships feel unbalanced? Is it hard to know what you need from others? Is it hard to say no? Do you often overextend yourself out of guilt or fear of conflict?

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Nourishing Creativity & Spirituality

Do you feel stuck in your creative process? Do you experience self-doubt? Do you feel hopeless or uninspired? Would like to connect with your inuition? Do you have a creative or spiritual practice you would like to deepen?

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& More

I also welcome clients struggling with: Anxiety, Depression, Oppression, Racism, Trauma, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Gender & Sexuality, Body Image, Relationship Issues (LGBTQ, Poly, Kink friendly), Addiction & Recovery, Stress, Shame, Self Doubt

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